The Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness (JAIE)

JAIE is a publication of the New England Educational Assessment Network. NEean offers an array of programs and services that promote quality assessment of student learning and enhance the effectiveness of New England’s institutions of higher education.

JAIE was inaugurated through the sponsorship of Southern Connecticut State University, through the Office of the Provost and supported by the Office of the Associate Provost for Assessment and Planning.  It is now being supported and published by Penn State University Press.

JAIE invites scholarly papers from assessment investigators in every field relating to student learning outcomes, assessment processes in academic disciplines, institutional effectiveness planning, public policy, or other research-based or theoretical analyses. JAIE reaches a nation-wide assessment community of academic faculty, student services personnel, administrative planners, institutional research officers and practicing assessment professionals.

The journal will consider for publication electronic submissions of not less than fifteen or more than thirty pages (double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font), excluding endnotes, in Microsoft Word format. If your work is accepted for publication, you also must bring the manuscript into conformity with the Chicago Manual of Style’s documentary-note convention. Each submission enters a double-blind review process. For consideration by reviewers, connect to the website,, where you will be given the opportunity to register as a prospective author and upload your submission.  Include notes, appendices, and any other supporting documents.

All other correspondence, including requests for clarification or additional inquiries, should be directed to Co-Editors Ray Shaw at and Craig Pepin at


 Barbara Cambridge

  Neal DeChillo

  Deborah Grossman-Garber

  Jonathan Gueverra

  Susan Hatfield

  Merle Harris

  Marianne Kennedy

  Cecelia Lopez

  Peggy Maki

  Judith Slisz

  Martha Stassen

  Randy Swing

  Jon Wergin

  Selase Williams


Salem State College

Rhode Island Board of Governors of Higher Education

Community College of the District of Columbia

Winona State University


Southern Connecticut State University

Harold Washington College


Manhattan College

University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Association for Institutional Research

Antioch University

Southern Connecticut State University

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