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Upcoming events

Upcoming events

    • 05 Nov 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Online Conference

    From Pivot to Permanent: 

    How can technology support assessment and learning

    in the post-pandemic campus?

    November 5, 2021

    an online event

    This event offers assessment professionals, higher education administrators and faculty, and education practitioners an opportunity to network, exchange knowledge, and share experiences for reaching all students in our teaching, learning, and assessment.  Attendees will have access to professional development at all levels, from novice to advanced, and opportunities to interact with colleagues from across the New England region and beyond through workshops, presentations, table talks, and many discussions.

    Keynote Speaker

    Peggy Maki, Ph.D., education consultant and author, will deliver the keynote address followed by a Q&A session with attendees.

    Session Formats

    Presentations, panel discussions and workshops will explore the conference theme in a variety of ways.

    • Student Academic Support: We will explore how institutions can feasibly deliver support both inside and outside the classroom to improve success for all students. What lessons can be learned from the pivot, and how can they translate back to the future return to in-person education. What are long-term changes to make in delivering student academic support services to meet the student demand for online higher education offerings?
    • Equity Orientated Practices: For the past year, institutions have reflected on equity-based issues across the campus. What changes to policies or practices should occur to support student development and learning? What changes have you implemented to create culturally responsive teaching and assessment practices?
    • Faculty Development: Presentations will observe the ever-changing learning environment related to the need for ongoing faculty development. How have various forms of technology become more fully embedded to enhance student engagement and learning? Has the consistency and validity in learning assessment become a concern?  How are faculty meeting the challenge of higher numbers of students needing academic and wellbeing support?
    • Preparedness and Strategic Planning: From preparedness planning to strategic planning, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs units are taking stock. What does preparedness look like now, and how does it inform equity-oriented strategic planning in support of student development and learning? What pandemic-related changes to policies or practices occurred to support student learning, development, and growth?
    • Student Well-Being: What does student wellbeing mean on your campus now, and how are you ensuring the wellness of the whole learner? How will we prepare and support students as they re-enter campus learning environments? We aim to meet student demand for online higher education offerings, but what long-term changes in student support services will be needed?

    Notification of Session Recordings

    Please be advised that all sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing at a later date.  Attendees should set their name and choice of image accordingly.

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